Told over the course of four seasons and featuring live accompaniment by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Caregivers is a hybrid documentary abour eldercare in the hills of rural Vermont.  A powerful meditation on acts of compassion, companionship, and the quest for closure, the film is produced in partnership with the Brattleboro Area Hospice, the Southeastern Vermont Council on Aging and the Vermont Folklife Center. 



Support Caregivers by making a tax-deductible contribution via Fractured Atlas.  For partnership opportunities or a detailed project prospectus, contact Jesse Kreitzer or call 802-689-4984.

"Fractured Atlas is privileged to fiscally sponsor Caregivers, a narrative that courageously explores end-of-life care. Going where mainstream filmmaking won’t, Caregivers embodies the type of projects we want to sponsor: original, compelling, and challenging works that let us explore what it means to be human."

                                                            — Dianne Debicella, Senior Program Director, Fractured Atlas


Premieres with live accompaniment at 3rd Annual MNFF, VSO's statewide Made in Vermont Tour and select film festivals in fall 2017


The story of Caregivers arrived without invitation over a decade ago and has stomped and howled for attention ever since.

A story about the complexities of grief, compassion and closure, this film reaches far beyond my own experience.  Today, nearly ten million adult children care for an aging parent; a figure that has tripled over the past decade.  In the next fifteen years, a projected sixty million baby boomers will succumb to the forces of mortality.  Another sixty million by 2060.  A generational decline of this scale is unprecedented, underway and accelerating, yet end-of-life issues remain a cultural taboo.  We avoid, we keep private, we don’t “do death well”.  But as our nation grows older, it’s time we ask questions about how we care for our aging parents, how we grieve, and how we accept.   

Admittedly, this is challenging material, but cinema is the perfect medium to deal with difficult subject matter.  Through dramatic storytelling, my goal is to honor the millions of adult sons and daughters caring for aging parents, and prepare a new generation to do the same.


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